Mini excavation

FISSURE & DRAIN LAVAL offers mini excavation services for all types of works. Our team works efficiently in concrete installation or repair, but also has a remarkable know-how in the field of excavation work.

We offer the following services:
  • Mini excavation for the creation of a parking entrance
  • Mini excavation for a French drain
  • Mini excavation for a ditch
  • Mini excavation for a concrete demolition
  • Mini excavation for window wells
  • Etc
Mini excavation

Turnkey solution

Thanks to our expertise, we can intervene as much in open and easy-to-access places as in confined spaces. Whatever the project, we will have the solution in terms of excavation. Our techniques are very safe. We take the time to do the right thing by planning our intervention and ensuring that there are no underground facilities.

Our small size excavators weigh between 1.5 and 5 tons. They can run on diesel or powered by electricity if required. They are equipped with rubber bridges, which makes it possible not to damage surfaces or floors.

Mini excavation

Mini excavation and concrete demolition

We also offer concrete demolition services:

  • Demolition of sidewalks
  • Demolition of balconies
  • Demolition of basement concrete floors
  • Demolition of garage floors
  • Etc

Mini excavation in Laval, Mirabel and on the North Shore

For professional and meticulous mini excavation services in Laval, Mirabel and throughout the North Shore, contact the experts in the field. FISSURE & DRAIN LAVAL has the expertise and experience to carry out all your projects safely! Free estimate.



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