Waterproof membrane

To prevent water infiltration and cracking of your foundation concrete, the FISSURE & DRAIN LAVAL team offers water repellent membrane installation services on your foundation concrete. This water repellent membrane then creates a watertight barrier.

We first excavate around the foundation to gain access to the entire surface of the concrete. We then cover the foundation concrete with a liquid water repellent membrane and install a DELTA-MS drainage panel made of polyethylene, which has a high impact strength. It is also possible, depending on your needs, to install a thick rigid insulation.

membrane hydrofuge

Advantages of the water repellent membrane

The installation of a water-repellent membrane offers many advantages:

  • The protrusions of the DELTA-MS type waterproofing membrane separate the foundation wall from the moist soil. They create ventilation channels that allow the concrete to breathe and keep the basement dry.
  • The DELTA-MS membrane provides complete sealing protection. Even if stones are pressed against the membrane, there will be no membrane rupture.
  • The DELTA-MS water-repellent membrane provides additional thermal insulation.
  • The membrane has a very high compressive strength thanks to the 4 mm thick octagonal alveoli.
  • The water repellent membrane can be installed up to 10 meters deep.
  • The DELTA-MS water-repellent membrane offers superior water drainage capacity.
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Waterproof Membrane in Laval, Mirabel and on the North Shore

Seal your foundation cracks before they cause water to seep into your basement. Plan for the future by installing a water repellent membrane around your foundation concrete. Our team can do a superior job to protect your home for years to come! Contact us now for a free evaluation.



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